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Message from Stephen Brayne

Hello all and welcome to another school year.

We have had a smooth start to our school opening.  We are all excited about this upcoming year.  We welcome Miss Pina and Madam Nicole to our Kindergarten and to Madam Vaillancourt in grade 2 and another Madam Vaillancourt in grade 4.  We welcome back Miss Johns who is our new dance teacher as well as grade 4 teacher.  Also a welcome back to Miss Stephanie who will be doing double duty, in the gym and in grade 5.

This year we are trying a new school wide initiative from the university of Victoria titled WITS.  This is an anti-bullying program that integrates right into our English and French language arts programs.  Parents will be receiving literature on this program early in the school year.

We will also be incorporating a school wide study & learning skills program in which the parents will also be invited to be a partner in this initiative.

Another exciting initiative is the Champions for Life afterschool program.  This is designed for daycare children in K-3 classes.  It is an afterschool physical Education program whereby the students will be receiving extra skill practice from a certified Physical Education Specialist, in the basic motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, throwing, striking etc.)  The aim is to promote the acquisition of physical skills with the objective of the students adopting the philosophy of the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.

We are moving into the second year of our McGill University literacy research study.  This year the focus will be on grade one.  As you can see we have a number of neat things going on at Greendale, which keeps the school hopping.  I invite you to get involved and be part of your child’s learning experience.



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