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Greendale Elementary School’s Michael Jackson Tribute Dance Show

Thursday April 29th, 2010 was a very exciting day for the staff and students at Greendale Elementary School. It was the day Greendale children felt could not come fast enough. It all started minutes before the morning school bell. Dressed in their best Michael Jackson clothing, accessories, fedora hats, white socks and a glove on their right hands, the entire student population quickly gathered eagerly waited together on the schoolyard Seconds later, one of Michael Jackson’s many hits was played over the intercom for the whole neighbourhood to hear. As the song played, the students followed their dance teacher, Ms. Hudson, as she led a short warm-up routine.

During the afternoon, a school-wide assembly took place. It was then that the students and staff would pay tribute to THE KING OF POP and celebrate his amazing accomplishments as a singer, dancer, entertainer and humanitarian. Ms. Hudson commenced the assembly by having all of the children raise their glove covered hands in the air. This was such an intense and powerful moment for everyone. Next, was the viewing of a short video clip, honouring Michael Jackson’s greatest hits and ever so challenging dance moves. The assembly went on to continue with another Michael Jackson warm-up and several different Michael Jackson dance choreography performances that all of the children (K-Gr.6) were taught during their dance classes over the last 3 months. To conclude the event was a surprise for the students. Some members of Greendale’s teaching staff performed a dance routine to another one of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. Together, staff and students celebrated the life of a true legend!

Grade Six Grad Band played in a mini Musicfest

On Tuesday, May 18th, our Grade Six Grad Band led by Mrs. Joan Wight played in a mini Musicfest here at Greendale Elementary School. The students in our band played songs that are familiar to us all, “O When the Saints, Hot Cross Buns” and ended their concert time with “Let’s Go Band”, a favorite!

We had this Musicfest with a guest choir from an elementary school in NDG,  École Marc Favreau. Their director, M. Mathieu accompanied his students on the guitar and we truly enjoyed their beautiful voices.  They are students from Grades 3 to 6 who have just finished taking part in a Rassemblement put on by the CSDM schools in Montreal.

We have been invited to take part in this music festival in February of 2011. We are very excited as this will be the first time a school from the LBPSB will attend.


Neufeld Ottawa 2010 Parent Poster
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Earth Hour
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Mrs. Grigoropoulos' Grade 6 students participated in the annual Math Olympics on February 10th held at Beurling Academy this year.  The students were awarded two (2) second place ribbons (100 m event and Kayaking), a third place ribbon in the relay event and an Overall BRONZE medal for the school. Bravo!


Spelling Bee
On January 19th. our school held its Spelling Bee. Our winner was Ross Wilson. Following the school bee, Ross wrote the qualifying bee and submitted it to Canwest.
We all waited with anticipation for the results. On January 28th. Ross received notice that he has made it to the Regional Bee which will be held on February 21st. at McGill University. We are all very proud of Ross and his hard work to get to this stage. His classmates and his teacher will help him prepare for the Regional Bee. We are all looking forward to Ross's next challenge. We wish him good luck!


Jennifer Rothman`s Chains for Change

Jennifer Rothman, a Grade 5 student at Greendale, wanted to make a difference and came up with “Chains for Change”.  She made key chains out of gimp and collected donations.  Jennifer’s creations were presented at the Open House on Saturday, January 22nd  alongside Alex and Uyen, representatives from Free the Children.  It was a great success and Jennifer was able to raise a total of $ 146.67. 

"We can make a difference once we decide to be the difference, ...”



LEARN Presentation Jan 2010

Dear Parents or Guardians,

The Sector 2, Central Parents Committee, in conjunction with Saint Anthony School will be hosting a presentation from LEARN Québec. The special guest speaker Mr. Michael Canuel, CEO of LEARN, will be presenting on Tuesday, January 19th at 7pm. The presentation will take place at Saint Anthony School located at 17750 Meloche, Pierrefonds.

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Robert Munsch could read at your school!
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During the month of October
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Cycle 2 Flies
see Classroom News, Cycle 2, for exciting information.


It was Career Day at Greendale School on Friday, March 26, 2010
It was Career Day at Greendale School on Friday, March 26, 2010.  Nancy Battet organized our guest speakers to come in and share their expertise.   The students were able to interact with a veterinarian, an engineer, a construction worker, police officers, aviation, a doctor and a musician.  In fact, Slim Williams, known in Motown, got the place singing and dancing with his song, Victorious.  What a wonderful experience!


Pearson News
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Artist visits Greendale Daycare Program to create masterpieces

To celebrate the coming of fall, Greendale Daycare invited Deirdre Potash from Art Comes to School to create Quebec autumn landscapes using acrylic paint on canvas board. The class began with an introduction to the Group of Seven (famous Canadian artists who went into the woods to paint in the 1920’s), followed by a short lesson on the formal qualities of painting (color, composition, seasons, etc…). Children from 6 to 12 years old experimented with professional art materials. The results were wonderful and the students are very proud of their paintings.



Welcome back to another school year!

Dear Parents,

 Welcome back to another school year!   We hope that you all had a restful summer, and are ready to accompany your child on his/her journey through Grade Two!  At the beginning of the year, there is always a period of adjustment for the children (and the parents!) ; however, slowly but surely things fall into place.

  Here are a few tips and general information items for Grade Two parents:

  •  Please label your child’s belongings (lunch bags, school bags, clothing etc.)   

  •  The children look great in their navy blue pants and white collar shirts. The Greendale dress code is enforced throughout the year.

  •  Each child requires two pairs of shoes: one for outdoor wear, and one for the classroom and gym.

  •  *** Phys-ed days are: Monday,Wednesday and Friday.  Proper footwear is required.

  • The children also have music, computers and dance class this year.

  • Please inform the school if your child has been or will be absent from school.

  • The agenda is an important communication tool.  We ask that you read and sign your child’s agenda every night. 

  We are looking forward to working with you and your children. 
   Let’s make Grade Two a fabulous year!   
                           “It takes a village to raise a child.”   ( African proverb )

    Mrs. M. Gutman (English Teacher)
    Mme J. Thubron (French Teacher)


Greendale student won a Poetry contest
One of our students won a Poetry contest (Creative Communication in Logan Utah, www.poeticpower.com) and her poetry is being published in the anthology A Celebration of Poets.


Greendale News August 2009
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Mrs. Grigoropoulos' Grade 6 students, Cheroma Jesse Buados and Brandon Amaral, tied for first place for their human rights essays written for Amnesty International.  Vithushaa Panchadcharm received Honourable mention!  Congratulations to them!  Greendale is so proud!


REGISTRATION for K and K4 programs

Welcome!  Please call us at 514-626-7880 to set up an appointment to register your child in our Kindergarten, Kindergarten for 4 year olds or Sports Enhancement programs.  It is our pleasure to answer your questions and give you information about our school.  We are more than happy to give tours!

We look forward to meeting you!


Connect Ed Service

The system can be used to inform parents, students and staff members of school closures and contingency plans due to unforeseen incidents, improving the organization’s communication strategy and preventing the spread of misinformation. The Connect-ED service has successfully been used for communication by schools for events such as bus route announcements and delays, school breaks, registration, and immunization days. It is an effective way to keep parents informed about important events in their child’s education.

Just a Note:   if the phone is picked up by anyone in the house and then either listened to and/or hung up... for example by one of your children we will have a registered "call received" even though you might not have heard the message. If you need to verify if you have missed a message you can dial     877-replay1     to hear the last message delivered to your house. 


Peace Writing Project

When asked to write about "Teamwork, Leadership and Cooperation: What TLC Means to Me" as a part of the Peaceful School's Peace Writing Project, the grade 5 and 5/6 classes of Greendale jumped at the opportunity to show off their creative writing skills.

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Greendale Students Featured in Track Meet Photos

At a recent track meet on June 3rd, Adam Fabian (FSSTT) managed to capture some great photos of two Greendale students.  Meghan Marcheterre in grade four finished second in Hurdles and Matthew Merle in grade five was a High Jump Participant.



Greendale at the Free Spirit Pony Ranch
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Clinique professionnelle de basketball
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Have You Heard The Latest !!!!!!!
In July, Joan Wight, our Music Specialist participated in Festival 500, an international choir festival held in St. John's, Newfoundland. For 10 days, she went to workshops, heard at least two choirs perform every day and sang in a massed choir of a thousand voices. A great way to start the summer!



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