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Classroom News - La classe de Mme Lang

Plan de la semaine
Weekly homework plan

Semaine du/Week of: September 13-23 septembre 2011

Lecture: Lire a tous les soirs.

Dictee: Reviser les mots/Review words #1-10

Devoir(s)/Homework: Feuille de l'alphabet/Alphabet sheet
Due Thursday Spetember 22nd 2011

* Please remember to bring in an extra pair of shoes (indoor). As well as a shirt with name for science*
If you were interested in buying the Coup de pouce they are being ordered and cost 12.00$ each. If you would like me to order them please send in a cheque made out to the school.
Please sign and return the Terry Fox permission sheet as well as any school fees, uniform orders and photo release sheets.




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